Center for Open Chaplaincy

healing in caring community

Open Source is a way of focusing on our interdependence as the foundation for how we live. There is no one way to experience this and no one approach that works for everyone. Open Source Chaplaincy Care begins with this recognition in supporting individuals, families, organizations, and communities to meet whatever is encountered with a sense of meaning and purpose.

Spirituality is an aspect of humanity by which we make meaning of our lives. How we do this is wide open. Many people find strength and inspiration in multiple sources of meaning and purpose.  My name is Judy. I am a Board Certified Chaplain who offers an integrative approach to healing. Please feel free to explore this site as well as our companion site for growing caring community,

Consulting Services


Public Speaking & Programs

Envisioning healing as relationship-centered care is how healing begins. We offer programs of public speaking and for groups to explore healing through an integrative approach of professional chaplaincy care, and cognitive behavioral and expressive art therapy methods. In this way, we activate healing through a widely inclusive embrace of creativity, connection, and community.

Please contact us to arrange for an initial consultation in exploring possibilities for your individual, family, or organizational needs.